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The feature film Jesse’s Gift is based on a student short film with the same name produced in 2021. The short film won many awards including the Spotlight Short Film Award. Both the short and the feature film are written, directed and produced by Director Ken Merritt, CEO of Off the Rail Productions based in Marietta, Georgia.


Jesse’s Gift is about a washed-up musician on the brink of losing everything that matters, finds new hope through a gift from his dying father. The film is inspirational and touches on many issues affecting families everywhere. 

The lead character Jesse is played by Michael Merritt, a singer/songwriter perfect for the role. William, Jesse's father is played by Ed Force. Chiara Roberts is cast as Brooke, Jesse's daughter. Beau Thompson plays Big John, lifetime friend and music partner of William. Jessica Wilson plays the bartender and Jesse's love interest. Gabe Merritt is cast in the role of Gabe or Baby Gabe, Jesse's younger brother. Adam Blank plays Jesse's music promoter, Adam.

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